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Темата е взаимствана от друг форум, но ми хареса. Идеята е да споделите песен, която ви е харесала под този формат:




изпълнител: Josh Hoge
песен: Take It or Leave It
оценка: 6/10
стил: поп
времетраене: 3:34 минути

I'm running a fever baby
That's burning down deep in my soul
It stings like a needle lately that you've stuck in places you don't know
I should mention my intentions are for you and I
To come together do whatever but don't be suprised

I don't pretend to be pretty
Sometimes I tend to talk dirty
I can be country or city
Welcome to my world
And if you wanna play you say baby
My life will drive you crazy
You know I want to call you my lady
But that's who I am
Take it or leave it
Say take it or leave it

I'm not trying to scare you away
But I'm placing all my cards in your hands
I'm trying to play them right so you can be well where we stand baby
Your incentives got me questioning my motives now
Before you get too deep you need to know what I'm about

/chorus x2

Well I keep no secrets, keep it straight whether it's bad or good
And there's never gonna be a time when I'm misunderstood
I'll make you feel like you can't fly and then I'll get you good
Be strong and make it, Lord
Take it or leave it
Say take it or leave it
Ohhh no no!

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